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Trans gender dating tv show

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We don’t know how long this very welcome trend will last (especially since the scripted shows are just pilots and might not even get picked up), so while we’ve got options, we thought we’d look at the slate of upcoming shows and gauge our excitement for them.

To be honest, I’ll probably check out all of these that are on channels that I get because I’m starved for representation and I have almost no willpower when it comes to things like this.

This show, premiering April 11, is about six trans women who are all friends in Kansas City, Missouri.

According to the Discovery Life Channel, “after years struggling with their gender identities, they are finally finding themselves and learning what it means to be the women they always knew that they were.” It will follow their love lives (some came out after getting married, others are exploring the dating world as trans women), how transitioning affects their work lives and their efforts to be seen as human beings as and women.

(She once told the Huffington Post: “My words aren’t like massage oil — they’re like acupuncture needles, they go right to the nerve and twist it.”) What has happened to Jin Xing, once an icon of progressive attitudes around gender and sexuality?

as "groundbreaking," and underlined that it's "tackling a topic that TV has rarely touched." The main character in the series, "Moira," is an elderly father who begins to dress as a woman.

Burke acclaimed that "this role of a 70-year-old trans-gender character might just give Netflix a run for its money." [MP3 audio available here; video below] Anchor Carol Costello led into the correspondent's report by outlining that "Netflix created huge buzz with original series, like , is getting huge critical acclaim." Burke wasted little time before using his "run for its money" phrase, and played up how "closely-kept secrets typically make for titillating television." He continued with a clip from the series, and with his "groundbreaking" label.

The CNN journalist turned to colleague Brian Stelter, host of , who ballyhooed how media critics love the series: "I've never seen it before, where so many critics have lined up in front of a show – that otherwise, would never be heard of – and have all said, watch this show; it's the best new show of the fall." He then zeroed in on how the lead actor, as well as the creator of the series, have apparently been overwhelmed by the roles with the production: SAMUEL BURKE: Actor Jeffrey Tambor says the enormity of playing a trans-gender character weighed heavily on him. There's a scene where I have to come out to Sara, my daughter, and my – my hands were shaking.

I said, well, that's good for Moira, but Jeffrey was shaking, because – not because I wanted a good review; or not because I wanted – you know, to be believable in the scene; but I wanted to do it right.