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From: sallymayr To: [email protected]: same decanter Date: Hello my name is Sally from New Zealand and I to have a decanter with silver top and bottom like a lady named Angela asking you about it also a person from Uruguay named Juan Montevideo. It is a clear Sloan's Liniment bottle 6 fl oz still half full. Digger ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Rosemary Stewart To: [email protected]: Info about a bottle Date: Hello; I have a bottle that has Rhein=Preusse etched on it. Thank you for your time, Terri Jones Rubber goes back into the 1880s for the Goodyear vulcanized product and earlier for such items as rubber boots which were made in the 1850s. PSF ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Angela Whitt To: [email protected]: CREOMULSION BOTTLE Date: I have found an old Creomulsion bottle the numbers on the bottom of the bottle are L-8579 or L-8519 and there is a 3 and a symbol. It has a smooth bottom with no seams and appears to be aqua in color. Might you have any idea who made this inkwell and what age it is? Dawn Mc Partland ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Cindy Cindy_200 To: [email protected]: Marita Spirits Bottle Date: Hi Digger, I'm interested in knowing about a bottle my mother-in-law has. The only identifying mark I can find is a picture of a cathedral and the word Lourdes on top. We have a quart stoneware bottle that says in black on the front: GRAPE JUICE PREPARED BY BENTON, MYERS & CO. I have looked up many sites trying to find the value, but yours has been most helpful. The crosses have a longer vertical than horizontal piece and are slightly stylized. Any guess how old it might be (the tag said 16th-19th century) and from where (American? I am enclosing pictures for your review, please let me know what your experience if any with this has been. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: SONGWPT To: [email protected]: Bottle Question Date: I have a milk bottle that says "absolutely pure milk" "the milk protector" It has a man milking a cow. It has no year or anything else, except on the bottom it says P. I would like some more information on this and maybe to know how much it is worth. I would like to keep the oldest and share the newer ones, but do not know how to tell the ages. They have been digging (with an excavator) and have discovered several very old bottles and pottery.
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