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that he is probably going to tell her his fake stories like meeting the Dalai Lama. gets up and leaves which causes Declan to stand up quickly, accidentally spilling his lunch tray all over his pants. After she calms down, he tells her that she is the one girl that he really likes and wants to go out with. When she tells him that on Friday she'll have to babysit at the school, Declan surprises her there and plays with the kids. Marco is upset but he lets them slide this one time but tells them next time, they cannot. Perino tells Marco that he has to stop letting Holly J. Declan walks in and asks if everything is okay, and both say yes. and Declan have been going out for 3 months and feel that it's time to take it to the next level. Declan and Sav bicker over who is going to be the one to ask Chantay, as neither want to do it because they both have girlfriends. to just forget about the Sinder3lla stuff, and Holly J. Dropping her pencil bag in the process of leaving, Declan kneels down and picks it up, meaning to give it back to her.