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I really loved her, and wanted things to work at any cost. and it's wonderful members that over the years has consoled me, allowed me to vent, brought me to the light, given me permission to act out, made me think, made me cry and laugh and just relax in the arms of those who know the feeling we all share. Through this forum I made good friends, learnt a great deal about sexless marriage, learnt even more about myself! As I stood at the side of our bed and saw the barricade of pillows he placed between us, I debated leaving my night gown on. You do your fair share to make it work, but your spouse is not cooperating. Withholding sex in a "loving" relationship is Emotional Abuse. I was 37 and my sister had just had a baby about a month prior. One of the most common refrains here seems to be the line "I love my kids" or "I love my family", or "I don't want to destroy my family". If your sexless period was just a bump in the road, only 6 months, a year, right after... She respectfully declines and asks him to not call her "Toots" but by her name. It was supposed to be the safe harbor, where you could be who you were...
Online Dating sites have been so popular for so long.