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When it comes to diversity, the fashion world, as a whole, still has a long way to go, especially when it comes to ethnic diversity.
Or worse yet, even though she seemed excited about meeting you when you initially set up the date, you now find yourself wondering if she will follow through as planned, or will call and cancel at the last minute leaving you with no date and no plans. Even women that are normally very reliable will think nothing of canceling on a date last minute. There is a ‘secret weapon’ we use here a Pick Up 101 to keep women attracted, during that awkward time between when you meet and when you see each other again. You know the secret methods to keep her attraction focused on YOU until that next date. You should only be trying to write something that will make her feel good, or feel special, or feel sexy when she reads it. You should be inspiring her to want to send you a text back. Often times what is really being said is not what the words actually are. The pretext was that we would go jogging together some time. The sun is finally out, spring is in the air, I love it!