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People cyclist dating

Ever have one of those brilliant ideas at 4 in the morning? Sometime after last night’s sausage burned through my stomach. “And it could be a huge time and money saver.” What makes sense in a half-sleeping stupor, does not always work out well when fully awake. Using the Drake Equation of romance, I estimate the number of potential spouses in Spokane is 64. (How I arrived at the number of potential spouses – 212,067 X 51% (women) X 31% (never married) X 16% (20-29; age appropriate) X 12% (evangelical protestant) X 10% (reciprocal attraction; which I guess is higher than the below example due to shared beliefs). I won’t pretend this experiment is statistically significant. Although this isn’t perfect, I will use the number of first dates from a site to be one measure of success. The second measurement will be which sites leads to the most long-term dates. But this is 10x more important you get a good fit shopping for your soul mate than a pair of jeans.