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Rhinegeist produces tangy, dry Cidergeist cider with an enticing apple-citrus aroma, and, of course, an impressive selection of beer.

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The stripes are representative of the thirteen original colonies that rebelled against British control.

The canton, the upper flag-hoist side corner of the flag, consists of a blue background with fifty, five-point, stars representing the fifty states in the union.

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The flag has undergone many changes to get to the look it represents today, but each official flag has maintained the thirteen stripes.

The flag has gone through a variety of looks from thirteen stars to fifty, and even older flags like the Grand Union flag which held a similar looking flag to the Union Jack, flown in the United Kingdom today, in the canton.

Keep America Beautiful was founded in 1953 by a consortium of American businesses (including founding members Philip Morris, Anheuser-Busch, Pepsi Co, and Coca-Cola), nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and concerned individuals in reaction to the growing problem of highway litter that followed the construction of the Interstate Highway System, and an increasingly mobile and convenience-oriented American consumer.

The original goal of the organization was to reduce litter through public service advertising (PSA) campaigns.

Larsen and Silvestri, who joined the group the night before, were not present, but the group that met with Stewart indicated that they were representing them as well.

Contrary to what has been reported by other sources, Mc Farlane says that they made no demands of Stewart or Marvel, but merely informed him that they were leaving, gave their reasons why, and cautioned Stewart to heed those reasons, lest the company suffer future exoduses.

AP Images is the world's largest collection of historical and contemporary photos.

Keep America Beautiful focuses on three key issues: litter prevention, waste reduction/recycling and community greening and beautification.

It is the largest community improvement organization in the United States, with more than 620 state and community-based affiliate organizations (similar to local chapters) and more than 1,000 community organizations that participate in their programs.