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Debunk 8 dating myths

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So, in that light, let’s debunk 8 of the most destructive relationship myths so that you can make your relationship the best that it can be.

When I met the older man I briefly dated, I’d been drinking. Get ready to learn the cold, hard truth about dating a much older man. Truth: If he was really any more mature, he wouldn’t be spending his time in the company of a perceived emotional inferior (if it’s true that with age comes wisdom).

We lie about how many partners we’ve had in the past, what our long-term intentions are, and how long ago we broke up with a previous partner, among many other things.

But figures suggest that between eight and 15% of children have not been fathered by the man who thinks he is the biological parent.

A woman can train however she wants, although she should make sure that training matches her goals. Some want to get ripped, some want to improve athleticism, and some want better health.

That's the great thing about fitness—it's personal.

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The fact is, none of that would ever be possible because I find myself cooking, cleaning the dishes, doing laundry, and everything.

For women, the jump into the world of fitness can be a little terrifying.

Opinions on ladies and lifting are often inaccurate and stuck in the 1950s ideal.

It’s popularly believed that men are the cheaters in relationships and women the cheated on.

Men don't cheat alone, so it’s commonly thought that a few women cheat a lot, but that far more men have been unfaithful at least once or twice. One recent study found that, while more men than women admitted to cheating, the gap was less than 5% (20% of men admitted cheating, compared with 16% of women).