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Dating shes too emotional and sensitive

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It’s easy to be callous towards others and disregard them for their short comings, but it requires a depth of heart to actually touch people with your warmth and acceptance.

We are human and none of us is perfect in any way, so why do we feel the need to judge anyone?

The most ideal workout for you is in the comfort of your own living room.

The thought of working from home is wonderful to you.

If you are with a man who is highly sensitive it’s a good thing, but it also requires a tad bit more of understanding and “sensitivity” on your part.

How we treat people reflects our state of maturity.

When your friend says they’re okay, you can see through that, and often end up saying, “Please, really, tell me what’s wrong.

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is about to teach you the three simple techniques of dealing with overly emotional females, which are: This is how naive men deal with emotional women.Even if you’re very into fitness, you didn’t join team sports as a kid because you felt like everyone was watching or judging you.Even going to a gym when it’s somewhat full can intimidate you.Maybe you didn’t take out the trash when she asked you to, maybe you forgot to arrange the coffee cups in a specific order or failed to read her mind—again.Whatever the reason is, rest assured that it’s going to be trivial, completely random, and make her blow up like an overweight nuclear bomb. You are dealing with an overly emotional female and by God you are going to pay for your sins. At moments like these is when you have brief flashes of lucidity and realize why Leonidas and his soldiers willingly died at the Hot Gates—they didn’t want to endure yet another day of their wives’ bitching.Here are few tips on how to be an ideal partner for highly sensitive men: It’s quite common for sensitive men to be slightly on the reserved side especially when it comes to opening up with their emotions and feelings.