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He quickly started to exert editorial control over the paper.He hand-picked Lois Lane to write a flattering exposé about him, but when she instead threatened to detail his numerous crimes, he killed the story.They're young, but they're married, and they have a superpowered son, Jonathan Kent.That fixes the questions that readers have had about the nature of Superman since the beginning of "Rebirth." But there are still several questions about what this means, not the least of which are… During the "New 52," Superman and Lois Lane were not a couple, which gave Lois the freedom to date other people.Her plan to blend in at her new school quickly goes off the rails in the novel, but this new short story is an earlier tale set another school, a sort of trip back through Lois’ legendary permanent record.Much like the novel,the story begins with Lois’ first day at a new school.Since the disappearance of Lex, Tess Mercer has taken over ownership of the Planet.Tess then asked Oliver if he wanted to invest his own money into Luthor Corp in a merger deal with his own company, Queen Industries.

He was endorsed after Tess went on the lam from the covert government agency known as Checkmate.

set in 2012For three days every month, Clark's life changed for the worst.

He had come across some formidable foes- Doomsday, Apokoklips and Lex Luthor and he had managed to defeat them all.

The novel begins with Lois starting a new school, determined to make a fresh start after every other school she attended as a military brat had resulted in a new, ominous addition to her permanent record.

Lois is a born troublemaker who refuses to sit idly by when something seems suspicious, and the lengthy file that accompanies her to Metropolis is a testament to that.