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If you found my review helpful, please click below. I like the beginning because it explain how to brand themselves for dating online by presentingyourself as a product.

Dating lamp lava

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If its cold, it takes ages to get 'blobbing' properly (sometimes an hour or so).

You can always send off for replacement innards (different colour combinations etc) depends on the make though... As you may know, Cecil has discussed lava lamps in the past.

And, thanks to the addition of a microphone and speaker in the base, you'll be able to use it to talk to Alexa, too.

As it gets farther from the light, it cools down, becoming more dense again until it sinks; then the cycle starts all over.

Instead of using a light, in our homemade lava lamp we used alka-seltzer to power the lamp.

Has it worked fine before and suddenly gone wrong, or is it new ?

When switched off, the wax should be solid at the bottom.