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Cosmogenic nuclide dating

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Cosmogenic nuclides are isotopes that are produced by interaction of cosmic rays with the nucleus of the atom.

The cosmogenic nuclides measured by AMS at PRIME Lab are radioactive isotopes of the elements beryllium, carbon, aluminum, chlorine, calcium, and iodine.

Although the most recent deep-lake cycle in the western Great Basin (at ca.

16 ka) has been studied intensively, comparatively little is known about the longer-term Quaternary lacustrine history of the region.

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The hummocky moraines resulted from in-situ deposition of stagnant glacier ice where debris cover was heterogeneously distributed on the glacier surface.

The lifetimes range from thousands to millions of years.

They are produced in meteorites and other extraterrestrial materials, in the Earth's atmosphere, and on the solid surface of the earth.

This area is ideally suited for this study because 1) the targeted alpine moraine sequences are critically important in helping to reconstruct past temperature and precipitation values over the last several million years, 2) the production rates for cosmogenic nuclides are typically high and well-known, and 3) the complexity of surface processes is relatively low.

Our work has two specific goals: to evaluate the effects of episodic geomorphic events in modulating cosmogenic inventories in surface rocks in polar deserts and to generate an alpine glacier chronology that will serve as a robust record of regional climate variation over the last several million years.