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Chatting about non-eagle topics is fine when activity on the nests is slow. This is an international chat room and courtesy to others is expected.

Be respectful and polite and refrain comments about politics, race or religion or sexual innuendo. Profanity, personal jabs or slams, or other inappropriate comments are unacceptable. Solicitations or promotions of products are unacceptable. Arguments belong in a private forum, not this chat room.

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She, a striking creature with a large beak and black-speckled tail; he, smaller but no less distinguished, with sprinkles of white interspersed on his right shoulder.

After a residential stint elsewhere in North Fort Myers, Fla., the bald eagle pair made their nest on the sprawling property of Dick Pritchett Real Estate, where they flew freely among the pine trees.

This is our sixth year of providing a window into the world of American Kestrels in their first days of life. About five eggs are typically laid beginning in April or March (this year March 27).

Both parents incubate the eggs for about 28-31 days.

Our Kestrel Cam is located in Boise, Idaho at The Peregrine Fund’s World Center for Birds of Prey.

For over twenty years, Ozzie and Harriet lived in marital bliss.

It was clear from the start that they were made for each other.

As you watch, you can also engage in LIVE CHAT with a kestrel expert or tell us what you see using the ACTIVITY LOGGING feature.

Be sure to check the NEST NEWS to see if you’ve missed anything important!